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Finding the Best Internet Marketing ProductsAs mentioned in yesterday's post about how to get high PR backlinks, today I want to talk a bit about my motivations for redesigning my blog with a personally designed WordPress Theme. Though having a good design and eye catching design is part of the reason for doing so, there are other factors that can give you powerful leverage in your marketing with a good blog design. 

But before I go into that, I want to touch a bit on a related topic that I encountered on my way towards creating this new design. This is a topic that most marketers have a problem with, and it causes them to lose a lot of money unnecessarily, but probably only few try to better understand in order to rectify that problem.

As mentioned in the title above, it's about finding the best internet marketing products to meet your needs. 


How I Created My First Personal WordPress Theme

I have very little knowledge of things related to coding and programming, and if you know me you would know that I know nothing about designing a WordPress Theme from scratch. Learning about the intricacies of CSS and other such stuff would take far too long, so I decided that I needed to find an easily customizable WordPress Theme that was easy for non-coders to use.

The design that you see on my blog now didn't take all that long for me to create. However, the thing that took the most time for me was researching for a good theme that would give me enough flexibility to create the designs that I wanted without too much work and learning. That was the toughest part… finding the right product that would suit my needs.


Determining a Good Product

When trying to determine whether a new product is worth the cost of purchase, most people try to determine whether a product is good or bad based on various factors. The problem with this approach is that good or bad is merely a relative measure, and you can't truly tell whether a product is good or not unless you have something to compare it with.

In order to find the best product, always have something to compare against. You can't really say something is good unless you have something bad to compare it against…

In this case, I started out with a certain theme in mind, the Genesis Theme. I had seen certain websites using this theme, and those websites were really well designed, so I had a look at the options and features that they had.

After that, I found it to be seeming to be quite a good product, but I decided to search around for other customizable themes that I could compare it to. It was a simple process… 

All I needed to do was to type into Google the search term 'Genesis Theme alternative' or 'Genesis Theme vs' and I was able to find a number of other themes that are close competitors to Genesis Theme. The theme I found with Thesis Theme.

After going through various reviews, and opinions from the search results I got, I found that both themes were really very powerful, and could be used to produce fast and elegant designs. But in the process, I found another theme that people were talking about called the Headway Theme. And upon comparing, I found other similar themes as well.

Having a wide variety of options allows you to compare products, determine their advantages and disadvantages, and to find the most suitable product for you. Now with a list of the various viable contenders, I went about doing further research on each theme…


Reviewing Products Comparatively

Once I had a number of products options available, it was not really necessary for me to go through the product reviews for individual products. It's much faster to just find the best product among them by going through comparative product reviews.

My main criteria were price and flexibility in design. With those things in mind, I look for comparative reviews of products by typing into the search bar things like 'Genesis vs Thesis' or 'Thesis vs Headway' or 'Genesis vs Thesis vs Headway', etc. It gives a good overview and comparison of the superior features of each product.

It's much easier to find what you are looking for this way, as it quickly brings you to the best product. 

Apart from that, you can also search for video product reviews. I find that they give you a much better sense of how the product is than written reviews when it comes to software, so I searched on YouTube for reviews and tutorials on using the various products as well.

In the end, I found out that, while Genesis and Thesis theme were really powerful, they weren't all that simple for non-coders to use to produce complicated blog designs. Headway Theme was the winner… :)

It featured easy drag and drop configuration of the blog design without the need for any coding knowledge at all, which was exactly what I was looking for. Plus, it was relatively cheaper than the other options.

Oh, before I forget, if you are a product reviewer, you can consider doing comparative product reviews as well. It can often convert better than individual product reviews…


Search for Bargains

This is something that you should always do once you have decided to purchase a product, and that's to look for bargains in the form of discounts or coupons. 

It's easy to do this simply by searching in Google, but a lot of people often forget that they can do this. I do too, so I need to remind myself from time to time. :)


After Purchasing

For the choice that you made to be best, you need to be able to utilize the product to its fullest potential. This is especially so if you are purchasing software that you need to learn to use. 

You won't be happy with your purchase, if you can't use it properly after buying, or it takes you a long time to learn how to use it.

After I purchased the Headway Theme, it came with good documentation. The problem with that was that the documentation was mostly text, with very little pictures, so it was hard for me to learn how to use the product.

For most people, including myself, I think it's much easier to learn how to use something completely new by watching videos. So, I simply searched YouTube for tutorials on how to use the product I purchased. The result was that I was able to learn how to use the Theme's functions very well in just one day, and by the next day I was able to design my new theme from scratch. 



Well, that was just a brief article on how I choose the best products to suit my needs, and avoid wasting unnecessary time or money on things that wouldn't work all that well for me.

By following a few simple steps, and doing my due diligence, I was able to create a great new blog design in just 1 day after purchasing the product. If I had purchased another theme, things might not have been so simple…

Though the initial research stage for finding the best product required some time, everything after the purchase went smoothly.

I was going to combine this with the article on the importance of good blog design, and how you can leverage it for extra backlinks and exposure, but it's probably better to keep it in a separate blog post.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

In the next post, I'll start explaining the different methods I used to leverage the power of good blog design for extra backlinks, brand exposure, and authority.


Allen Walker