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Leveraging Custom WordPress Blog Design

Posted in Backlinking Secrets, Usability and Design

Today, I just wanted to share with you about the importance of good blog design, as well as how you can leverage custom WordPress blog design to your favor and make it worth the time and effort. You are probably familiar with the concept of differentiating your products or services and making them unique in the market. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having a blog design that stands out. The better the design, the more favorable it is for you and your brand. Yesterday I gave a bit of tips about how you can find the best internet...

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How to Get High PR Backlinks

Posted in High PR Backlinks

Backlinks are vital for ranking in the search engines, so this post aims to show you how to get high PR backlinks quite easily. Actually, along with getting some high PR backlinks, you will also be able to get some targeted traffic related to your niche too.  Basically, the method I want to talk about in this article is in using testimonials for product sales letters as a means of getting powerful backlinks easily. It is good to diversify your backlinks, getting a mixture of both high and low backlinks. Low quality backlinks are simple to...

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Intricacies of the Google Dance

Posted in SEO

If you are a search engine marketer, you probably know about or even fear the Google Dance. Others are less familiar with the Google Dance, and are trying to understand it's behavior and movements in order to achieve more consistent rankings. This short presentation discusses the intricacies and the most common moves of the Google Dance… You can view it full screen by selecting the option through the...

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Free Social Bookmarking Software: 8 Free Tools & Services

Posted in Social Bookmarking, Social Bookmarking

Free social bookmarking software can help you to get more backlinks and traffic to your blog posts or articles while saving you a ton of time. This list contains a number of free tools and services that you can take advantage of. Bookmark this page and keep checking back as we may be updating it over time with more great software and services. Don’t forget to bookmark and link to this page too. Your friends would love to hear about it!   Free Social Bookmarking Software This section contains a number of free social bookmarking...

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Content Generation: 8 Types of Software & Tools You Can Use

Posted in Content Creation

The use of automatic and semi-automatic content generation tools is somewhat of a rising trend online. One of the biggest problems that internet marketers have with growing their business is the development and creation of new content for their websites. Creating new content isn't always easy, and most people either outsource the work or they give it up altogether. However, over the years, marketers and developed methods and systems that allow for easy generation of website content. Furthermore, they have made these content generators...

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